Closing Activity rings on the Apple Watch takes a lot more effort than it did just a couple of weeks ago, as widespread shelter-in-place policies are keeping many of us in our homes. Chances are you’d had a morning where your Apple Watch’s display looks like the one in the photo above. You’re most likely to feel the sting if you were on a weight loss program or had a consistent fitness routine, but many of the rest of us simply miss the satisfaction of the little tap that let us know we’d accomplished a clear goal each day.

Fortunately—if you’re willing to change your standards—it’s still possible to close your rings in order to achieve a degree of certainty in these uncertain times. Now, will you come out of it in as good as shape as you were before the coronavirus? That’s doubtful, although not impossible. After all, right now, you can devote much of your free time to meeting your goals. But if you’re looking for a daily reward that’s more mental than physical at a time when many gyms and parks are closed, I’ve found this is a decent way to go about it.

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