The end of the year—and with it the decade!—are nigh, and both have been busy for the company from Cupertino. There have been new products, the usual number of major and minor controversies, and oh so much rumor and speculation. But let’s stick to the facts.

With the year’s close upon us, it’s time to cast our eyes back over the last 12 months in Apple and pick out the most significant moves and trends—the ones only visible with the benefit of hindsight.

Turning pro

It’s hard to deny that 2019 wasn’t the biggest year for professional Mac users since the company unveiled the Macintosh IIfx. (That joke’s for you, old timers.) Going into 2019, there was much eager anticipation around the Mac Pro, and say what you will about the eventual price tag, the company clearly delivered on a machine with the kind of modularity and power that high-end pros were looking for.

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