solely owned and operated by Matthew Berdyck; has responded to our article entitled Cyber Threat: via’s facebook page.’s Matthew Berdyck claims The Lemon Report is a “100% fake news outlet” because we stated the fact that’s website is poorly maintained and a security risk to it’s visitors. (Read more about this here) is claiming we made this post as an effort of “trying to deter citizens from learning about the 1,300 Superfund sites on the EPA’s National Priorities List


We at The Lemon Report would like to set the record straight by stating’s statement about our article is far from the truth. Our reason for the article is to protect the public from the dangers of a very insecure and vulnerable website.’s Matthew Berdyck, even admits that what we stated about’s website is true. Matthew Berdyck states the following regarding’s website: ” It is, however poorly run and maintained because Alex Hwang stole the hosting package from me and will not return it, leaving me with a lawsuit to get it back

While we are not sure what the point of’s response to our article was. One thing is very clear. We at The Lemon Report are 100% dedicated to bringing the public “REAL” News. It goes to show that even the subject’s we write stories about will confirm what we said was true.

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