Matthew Berdyck is a well known cyberbully, and cyber security risk.

The Lemon Report has been investigating Matthew Berdyck and his website for quite some time now. It is very clear that Matthew Berdyck’s website exist for not only his political agenda, but for malicious reasons as well.

Matthew Berdyck responded to the articles we published about his websites for Daily Independent Journal, and being an unsafe security risk to it’s users.(See video below)

Matthew Berdyck claims his website is not a security risk. He states that his website is not asking users for credit card information or asking users to submit any personal information about themselves. He claims that our articles are just “FAKE” news and a “baseless political attack“.

We at The Lemon Report can assure you this is not the case. Now we will say that what Matthew Berdyck says about his website not asking you for credit card information or to submit any personal information is true. However Matthew Berdyck fails to mention that his website is actually collecting data about it’s visitors without their knowledge.


For example: Matthew Berdyck’s website Daily Independent Journal has social media integrations on the site. Such as Facebook, and Twitter. This allows Daily Independent Journal to have the Facebook Share Button, and the Twitter Tweet Button.

There are also other 3rd party integrations on Daily Independent Journal such as Google Analytics, which actually tracks and records a user’s IP address, their location, what type of device they are using, what website or web page they were on before they came to Daily Independent Journal, and how much time they are spending on the site. This is sensitive information that cyber attacker’s can use to identify and target you. However Matthew Berdyck claims that these practices are not a security risk. We at The Lemon Report want to make it clear that this is actually a major security risk due to the fact that both Daily Independent Journal, and are poorly maintained, and have no security measures in place to protect it’s users.

There is a safe and secure way of using these tracking system that Matthew Berdyck’s websites use, however Matthew Berdyck refuses to implement these security measures to protect his viewers, and instead lies to his viewers by misleading them with statement’s such as he is not asking viewers to provide information personal information. Of course he isn’t he’s just taking it without telling you.


Users Want To Be Connected Securely

We live in the digital age where being connected means everything. Users demand a seamless experience across all platform, and some users even request to have information shared between the platforms. However, some users are not aware that some website implement tracking software in the background to be used for advertisers, marketing researchers, and other forms of legal use of your data.

Before you get worried and wonder why this is happening, or want to say you did not consent to having these tracking protocols, keep in mind you actually did. Most website who follow the laws to the letter have what is called Terms of Use policy’s, but can also be referred to as Cookie Policy’s or Privacy Policy’s. Most users also just agree to the terms, but never actually read them. Websites that play by the rules will however outline all the details for the user to be able to make the decision as to whether or not they want to continue using their website or service.


We at The Lemon Report do implement a form of user tracking however we do not collect any information that can be used to identify you unless you create a registered user account on our website and accept the terms and agreement. Our form of user tracking allows us to see what types of articles are being read on our site so that we know what type of content our viewers are interested in so that we can continue to provide the most relevant content to our users.

We fully disclose this practice to our users with our privacy policy that is displayed on your screen the first time you ever visit our site until you click the accept button then the message will be hidden for 90 days so you don’t have to be bothered with clicking it every time. If you are not sure what this image looks like see the image below.

Our Privacy Policy Notification

Even though we do collect limited data about our users we do so securely. The Lemon Report uses Strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption SSL. We use the same level of security that meet the industry standard’s your bank’s website most likely uses.

At The Lemon Report privacy and security is your right and our duty.


How Can I Tell If A Website I Visit Uses Encryption?

That easy! Your web browser will tell you. Just look for the padlock icon after you visit the site. (See images below)

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