(3) Three Arrest Warrants For Cyber Harassment

The Lemon Report has obtained these public records from Columbus, Ohio and our reporters have independently confirmed that Matthew Berdyck has (3) three warrants for his arrest for making violent threats by electronic means to filmmaker Peter John Ross. Matthew Berdyck currently has (3) three active restraining orders against him for similar threats in (2) two other states and also a defamation lawsuit against him in Florida.

The victim, Columbus filmmaker Peter John Ross, had no comment when asked for additional details. The Lemon Report will monitor this situation as it unfolds. The warrants for Matthew Berdyck’s arrest are in Ohio. If you see this man please call law enforcement immediately as he is a wanted criminal.

To view the threats Matthew Berdyck is being charged for, you can see them all in the video below.

Law Enforcement Does Nothing To Stop Him

The Summit County Sheriff Department, a department that has a long track record of letting criminals slip through the cracks, or even simply failing to pursuit them at all. Matthew Berdyck is no exception. Matthew Berdyck has been A Dangerous Predator On The Run for several years and the Summit County Sheriff’s Department has done nothing to stop him. The Summit County Sheriff’s Department official stance on Matthew Berdyck is for citizens to just simply ignore him and he will go away. But for nearly a decade he has never stopped. Seems like Summit County Sheriff’s Department does not take the safety of its citizens seriously, it seems like Sheriff Steve Barry does not care to do what his citizens elected him to do.

Citizens Need To Take A Stand

It is time for the citizens of Summit County to demand results in taking down Matthew Berdyck A Dangerous Predator On The Run! If each and every citizen were to put pressure on the Summit County Sheriff’s Department they will be forced to provide results. So what are you waiting for? Contact the Summit County Sheriff’s Department at 330-643-2154 make their phones ring non-stop until they give the results the citizens of Summit County deserve!!

Any information that leads to the arrest of Matthew Berdyck may be eligible for a cash reward. Please contact The Lemon Report with any information you may have.


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