Dangerous Predator: Matthew Berdyck
Matthew Berdyck

Today at 12:15 PM (UTC), Matthew Berdyck stated that everyone is in his thoughts. It was quite a shock to us here at The Lemon Report to learn that Matthew Berdyck is actually capable of thinking when we read his statement: “After thinking long and hard about Christmas gifts, I’ve decide that everybody is getting [profane language redacted] sued.

Matthew Berdyck’s alleged lawsuit filing form with Robert Bowcock listed as a Defendant.

We would like to thank Matthew Berdyck for keeping everyone in his thoughts today. It’s is very kind of you. It’s almost as kind as that one time you didn’t donate Christmas presents to children with cancer when you were fleeing Front Royal, VA (See video below).

We at The Lemon Report would like to say: Happy Holiday’s Matthew Berdyck!

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