Scumbag Matthew Berdyck strike again. This time with an “Official” Public Notice Of Intent To File A Lawsuit (see Facebook post image below). Matthew Berdyck has made his intent to sue his victims in Federal Court’s known.

Matthew Berdyck alleges that his federal rights are being violated. Alleges violations include but not limited to: “Conspiracy Against Rights, Right to Fair Housing (Hate Crime), Federal Stalking Statutes, etc.”

Matthew Berdyck’s Official Public Notice of Intent to file a lawsuit.

Matthew Berdyck provides us a timeline of these alleged events. Matthew Berdyck alleges that dating back to August of 2018, that multiple parties conspired to deprive him of his right to free speech, and his home. According to Matthew Berdyck, these events lead to the loss of his business, studio, vehicles, and other property valued at over $100,000.

Matthew Berdyck continues on this long rant of alleged violations by stating all parties involved have “waged a vile, ongoing campaign to defame me, harass me, stalk me, and interfere with my First Amendment right to publish news articles and opinions about the City Government of St. Joseph, Missouri“.


It only get’s better. Matthew Berdyck‘s public notice isn’t only to sue his victims, but it also serves as a notice for the Honorable Councilman Brian Myers for the City of St. Joseph, MO. Matthew Berdyck claims that the Honorable Councilman Brian Myers blocked Matthew Berdyck on his official social media account, causing Matthew Berdyck damages by violating his 1st Amendment right, as a Federal District Court ruled an elected official can not block it’s constituents from social media accounts. This however would not apply to Matthew Berdyck as he is not a constituent to the Honorable Councilman Brian Myers, since Matthew Berdyck lives on the opposite side of the country.

Matthew Berdyck puts on his big boy pants, and brings out his “legal expert” side. Matthew Berdyck begins to educate us all on how he is a citizen of the State of California (we think he means to say resident of California unless the state has it’s own form of citizenship now that the public is just not aware about.) Matthew Berdyck further states as a “legal expert” that the cross section of defendants meets the criteria for diversity of jurisdiction, and that there is no escaping the judgement as it can not be discharged via bankruptcy.


Matthew Berdyck has made it clear that all his victims have been notified to cease and desist the acts of defending themselves. Matthew Berdyck wants his victims to just roll over and take his abuse because it’s his 1st Amendment right to abuse his victims. Any attempts to speak up and protect yourself is an act of harassment towards Matthew Berdyck as you have violated his 1st Amendment right to victimize you.

We at The Lemon Report think this is just completely absurd. Someone like Matthew Berdyck has no claim to any legal remedy’s, especially since Matthew Berdyck wants legal remedy’s for his own actions from his victims.

Matthew Berdyck should be considered a life threatening risk. If you see or make any contact with Matthew Berdyck call 911 immediately. 

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