Matthew Berdyck Gets Served

Matthew Berdyck has been notorious with his claims of being untouchable while wreaking havoc everywhere he goes. His reign of terror has come to an end thanks to a private investigator hired by The Lemon Report.

On February 12, 2020, Matthew Berdyck gets served with three restraining orders from across the nation. A moment that many of his victims have been waiting over ten years for. Matthew Berdyck will now be forced to face the judge and answer for his crimes against the public in Polk and Lane County, OR, as well as Polk County, FL. However, it is highly likely that Matthew Berdyck will refuse to show up to any of the court cases and have a default judgment entered in the court records.

Everyone who was not able to witness this milestone event, The Lemon Report, with the collaboration of our private investigator, has provided a video of the entire event below. (Spoiler: Matthew Berdyck threatens the process server shortly after being served)


Watch Matthew Berdyck Get Served

Matthew Berdyck Gets Served by The Lemon Report’s Private Investigator

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