Late July 2018, a person named Matthew Berdyck visited an IHOP when a domestic dispute broke out in the parking lot. Matt ran into the restaurant and demanded everyone assist him in ending it, even though he wasn’t involved. When no one helped, according to a witness, Matt began berating the customers and employees. Two of the customers took offense and followed Matt outside the restaurant. Matt verbally abused these two men and
some shoving took place. The police arrived and instead of having any interest in the domestic situation, they wanted to talk to Matt. He was belligerent but not enough to be arrested.

After the incident at IHOP, Matt wanted the local news to cover a story about it, he went to internal affairs to try to get the two officers fired, and also went to city council to try to make a bigger deal out of what he is calling “hate crimes” as he is now claiming to be a homosexual and claims, without any basis, that the police are refusing him services due to him being LGBT.

Matthew shot video of part of the incident, showed it to the officers, and also sent a link on Youtube here (now deleted) to city officials. It was obvious that Matthew Berdyck had encouraged any alleged bullying or physical acts. He was equally if not more so aggressive towards the other parties.

When the local news politely declined to write a story, Matt accused them of covering up corruption. Matt posted the email to him from News Press Now, which stated the normal “We cannot print a story about your situation without a police report or court document, but if you do file the lawsuit you mentioned, please let us know and we can revisit the story.” Matthew began emailing harassing emails and Tweets to journalists at News Press Now in St. Joseph.

The FBI Kansas City field office in St. Joseph were alerted by the city and the newspaper. They visited Matthew at his rented office space in the north of the city limits of St. Joe. According to Matt’s own account, they were there to investigate him for the threats and harassment of the newspaper.

Shortly after, Matt founded his own “news outlet” originally the Daily Independent News, later changed to the Daily Independent Journal . Matthew hired a former Marine named Austin Goacher who wrote two stories, both very short, and was fired by Matt. According to Matt he failed to do his job, according to Austin he was fired for refusing to plagiarize stories from other sources. Matt officially stated Alex Hwang was a part of this organization on Aug 27th, 2018.

After the launch of the “news” organization, it immediately plagiarized stories, used spurious personal attacks, and began drawing attention. Matt claims repeatedly to have used Alex Hwang’s Facebook employee boost money to promote a story and link on Facebook. This brought a lot of local attention to his social media posts, the problems
with his statements, the poor grammar, and untruths. Several citizens of St. Joseph were directly contacted on Facebook by Matthew Berdyck, either from his own personal Facebook account ( or as the Daily Independent Journal (

St. Joseph residents and Brian J. Myers of the city council began to comment on the Daily Independent Journal’s stories, some on their own walls. In response, Matt hurled insults, publicly and privately on Facebook . Matt also began publishing attack stories on the Daily Independent Journal’s website in the form of stories.

People being threatened or harassed began to complain to city council, the police and the FBI in St. Joseph. Matt’s pattern of writing stories and posting on Facebook as a response to individuals and businesses has continued, including about the FBI agent who spoke to him. At one point, Matthew Berdyck even accused the FBI Agent, Andrew Thomure of acting inappropriately, invoking 9/11.

Matthew Berdyck fled the St. Joseph area at an unknown time. On the road, he continued his attack posts, replies on various Facebook pages and wrote several more articles that were little more than slander pieces to those who commented negatively on his posts.

Mr. Berdyck also presented at least two multi-hour Facebook live videos on Sept. 11th, 2018 here and on Sept. 12th, 2018 here where he spoke on an number of topics and continued to levy accusations at many people.

This entire situation is a consistent pattern with Matthew Berdyck. He moves to a city or town. Matt involves himself with the local politics, mostly online (Facebook) and he starts to promote what he perceives as corruption. He either instigates or involves the local law enforcement and the media. When they do not capitulate to his demands that they do something about whatever manufactured situation he has concocted, Matt will begin a social media campaign against those individuals and organizations. Matt will instigate someone to make a threat of physical harm, then claim “Hate Crimes” and demand restitution for his pain and suffering, then leave that city. Several of these end with an eviction for non-payment of rent.

The supposition was that Alex Hwang’s Facebook employment allows Matthew Berdyck to continue his activities with minimal consequence with Facebook via some inside help. Mr. Berdyck’s behavior would not be tolerated by Facebook’s Community Standards after so many reports.

Alex Hwang was also funding Mr. Berdyck, allowing him to travel and move when law enforcement becomes involved and want to follow up after his various online threats, possible extortion, etc. Alex Hwang co-founded and was a moderator on the Facebook group.

Damages to agencies, companies, and people’s reputations occurred with the blatant libel on social media and sites controlled by Matthew Berdyck and funded directly and indirectly by Alex Hwang, not just in St. Joseph, Missouri, but other cities as well.

This is not just an “internet troll” as this person does a lot of real world damage. Based on the discrepancies from what Matthew Berdyck seems to experience and the shared reality of others, it is very likely he suffers from a mental illness. With the multiple violent threats sent privately, Mr. Berdyck poses a danger to himself and others.

Other Cities Similar Episodes Have Occurred With Matthew Berdyck

  • Des Moines, IA – May 2018
  • Ridgecrest, CA 2018
  • Flint, MI – 2017
  • Asheville, NC 2017
  • Front Royal/Warren County, VA 2017
  • Barstow, CA
  • Wilsonville, OR
  • Mountain View, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA

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