Matthew Berdyck is back at it again with another video response. This time calling out (,,,, and the News Organization’s that report the truth about Matthew Berdyck.

Matthew Berdyck states “all different websites that are writing about little ole me. Everybody gotta stop Matt. He’s powerless, he’s ruining people’s lives.” We The Lemon Report see that it’s very clear that Matthew Berdyck has harassed, threatened, and upset a lot of individual’s to get so much media coverage.

Matthew Berdyck continues to laugh at the fact that he has hurt many victim and feels no remorse about it by asking the question: “Ok, well who’s life did he ruin?

Matthew Berdyck goes on to state that “everyone get’s quiet and there isn’t anybody’s life that was ruined“.

Matthew Berdyck proceeds to claim that all the “negative” stories published by multiple News Organization’s “is just apart of the territory“. Matthew Berdyck justifies this statement with his self-proclaimed public figure status, his website viewership, and previous travel expeditions.

Matthew Berdyck begins to compare himself to Metallica a band born in 1981. Stating how when Metallica was first starting out that they only received “negative” attention prior to the release of their Black album.


Matthew Berdyck states he get’s all the negative media attention and has opponents because he is an outspoken person. He even claims that some of his opponents are just very malicious.

Matthew Berdyck then begins to defend himself by stating “If I wasn’t out pissing people off then I wouldn’t be uh accomplishing anything at all, and so what I’m really guilty of is being a a really powerful writer“.

Matthew Berdyck states people publish articles about him to try to stop him from having a voice. However he is not going to stop. Nothing is going to stop him from having a voice.

In the end Matthew Berdyck says “all it does is make me famous“.

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