Judgment Information

Luis Rodriguez was awarded a judgment against Matthew Berdyck and issued a FINAL JUDGMENT OF INJUNCTION FOR PROTECTION AGAINST STALKING (Click Link In Red To View Judgment)


Who Is Matthew Berdyck?

Matthew Berdyck is a cyberstalker and bully who is a Dangerous Predator On The Run for over 10+ years. Matthew Berdyck is notorious for traveling from city to city, claiming to be a “famous” environmental activist and “trying to educate” citizens about the toxic waste environment’s where they live. He accomplishes this while making enemy’s with anyone who calls him out on his lies every step of the way.


Matthew Berdyck Terrorizes His Victims For Years

If given a choice between food, shelter, and water, or to terrorize his victims, Matthew Berdyck would, without a doubt, choose to terrorize his victims. That is what he does each day. Matthew Berdyck is currently a homeless con-artist who preys upon the ignorant. He accomplishes this by telling the public he is a “famous” TV writer, musician, filmmaker, journalist, environment activist, and whistleblower to get free food and shelter. Still, the moment they see through his scam, they are the worst person in the world.

When someone discovers that Matthew Berdyck is nothing but a lying con-artist, he adds them to one of his many “possibly” virus-infected websites. Once added to his website or Facebook page, they will face days, months, or even years of non-stop harassment. The harassment can range from non-stop phone calls, text messages, emails, and web posts to your friends, family, and even your co-workers and employers. Matthew Berdyck will stop at nothing to make you seem like the most vile and evil person in the world to paint himself as a 
desperate victim for profit.



Someone Should Stop Serial Stalker

Many of Matthew Berdyck’s victims have tried to stop him for over 10+ years and failed for the same reason each time. Failure to Serve Process of Service. Matthew Berdyck is a slippery snake that knows how to play the legal system. He knows just how far he can harass and threaten someone without facing legal issues. In the event, Matthew Berdyck slips up he knows how to create a jurisdiction issues. The jurisdiction issues confuse the police agencies on whether or not they can pursuit Mr. Berdyck.

This, unfortunately, leaves his victims with only one course of action, which is to file for an Order of Protection, otherwise known as a Restraining Order or Injunction. There is just one problem. In the United States, an Order of Protection must be served in-person by law enforcement or someone authorized to perform service. Matthew Berdyck knows this, so he’s always on the run moving from state to state to avoid Service of Process until the cases get dismissed, or the statute of limitations run out.

Therefore, no matter what Matthew Berdyck does to someone, he will always manage to slip away with no legal action taken against him. He then goes onto Facebook or one of his many website’s claiming to be untouchable. It has been the case for every victim for over 10+ years. Well, until recently.


Serial Stalker Finally Receives His Judgment Day

On February 12, 2020, The Lemon Report’s I-Team tracked down Matthew Berdyck and hired a Process Server to serve Matthew Berdyck with 2 Restraining Orders and 1 Notice Of Hearing. Matthew Berdyck was not pleased and assaulted the Process Server shortly after.

Being served recently, this meant that the three court hearings are allowed to move forward with or without him.

On February 20, 2020, the Luis Rodriguez vs. Matthew Berdyck case out in Polk County, FL, took place at 8:45 AM ET. Matthew Berdyck legally served; however, he was A no-show AND gave the court no choice but to enter a Default judgment AGAINST HIM. The courts granted Mr. Rodriguez a FINAL JUDGMENT OF INJUNCTION FOR PROTECTION AGAINST STALKING.

The court found that the allegations and evidence provided by Mr. Rodriguez PROVED that he was indeed a victim of stalking BY MR. BERDYCK and HIS EVIDENCE showed just cause for the injunction. The injunction granted and case ORDERED and ADJUDGED in less than 5 min.


The Judgment

With the Judgment in full effect, Matthew Berdyck must abide by the following:

Prohibited Actions: Matthew Berdyck

  • shall not commit, or cause any other person to committ, any acts of stalking against Luis Rodriguez, including stalking, cyberstalking, aggravated stalking, or any criminal offense resulting in physical injury or death. Matthew Berdyck shall not commit any other violation of the injunction through an intentional unlawful threat, word or act to do violence to Luis Rodriguez.

No Contact: Matthew Berdyck,

  • shall have no contact with Luis Rodriguez directly or indirectly in person or by mail, e-mail, fax, telephone, through another person, or in any other manner, including electronic means, or use of social media.
  • shall not contact or have any third party contact anyone connected with Luis Rodriguez’s employment or school to inquire about him, or to send any messages to him.
  • shall not go to, in, or within 500 feet of:
    • Luis Rodriguez current residence or any residence to which he may move
  • shall not go to, in, or within 100 feet of:
    • Luis Rodriguez’s motor vehicle, whether or not that vehicle is occupied
  • shall not deface or destroy Luis Rodriguez’s personal property

Firearms: Matthew Berdyck,

  • shall not have in his care, custody, possession, or control of any firearm or ammunition.


This injunction is valid and enforceable nationwide. Violation of this injunction should be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Law enforcement officers of the jurisdiction in which a violation of this injunction occurs shall enforce the provisions of this injunction and are authorized to arrest without a warrant.

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