Dangerous Predator: Matthew Berdyck
Matthew Berdyck

Dangerous Predator: Beware of Matthew Berdyck

Matthew Berdyck the owner of Daily Independent Journal and SuperfundResearch.org is a famous but not so famous online psychopath and potential “mass shooter” who is on the run.

Matthew a psychotic madman running from multiple agency’s including but not limited to: law enforcement, process server’s, and attorney’s. Multiple parties are eagerly pursuing to put an end to the madness created by Matthew Berdyck.

Matthew’s has an insanely lengthy rap sheet. Matthew has a mountain of Restraining Orders that are filed against him in just every state he goes too.

This maniac with a history of violence which include: assault, battery, domestic violence, and even violating a restraining order. Matthew is highly dangerous and anyone who comes in contact with him or knows his whereabouts needs to run for safety, and call 911. 

Dangerous Predator: Matthew Berdyck
Matthew Berdyck

Psychopath Targets A Homeless Shelter

Just recently on November 12, 2019, Matthew made contact with Luis Rodriguez. Luis is the Director of a Homeless Shelter called THE ZEPHYRUS FOUNDATION located in Davenport, FL. Luis reached out to Matthew though a craigslist post where Matthew stated he is homeless on the streets in California. He is homeless in California because he was recently hit by a bus, and needed a safe place to stay so he can recover.

Luis told Matthew he is more than happy to assist Matthew with his issue. Luis was willing to guide Matthew though all the necessary steps to get a FREE bus ticket to Florida. By obtaining a ticket he can seek shelter, recover, obtain a job, and get back to self-sufficiency. It was all going smoothly until Matthew started demanding large sums of money.

During the conversation between Matthew and Luis. Matthew starts requesting Luis to send him money. First it was $100 and it just kept increasing from there. Luis refused to provide any monetary support. Luis provides the direct essentials a person needs without actually providing them money. This ensures funds are used to provide the exact goods and services the individual needs.

Matthew became angry that Luis would not provide him any money. 

Lunatic Matthew Berdyck Became Aggressive

Cyberstalker Matthew started harassing and threatening Luis , stating he will sue Luis for the injuries he had. Matthew stated that if Luis did not send him any money that he will starve and suffer on the streets and Luis , and THE ZEPHYRUS FOUNDATION will be held liable.

Luis remained professional and continued to offer Matthew, a free bus ticket and shelter.

Matthew’s threats escalated. Threats of social media attacks, and smear campaigns. Luis was not worried and paid no attention to these threats. Luis continued to offer Matthew the same offer as before. Matthew did not like the offer, so Matthew published a news article on Daily Independent Journal a fake news website owned and operated solely by Matthew Berdyck.

Luis remained calm not worried about the article and did not display any signs of worry to Matthew. At this point Luis rescinded his offer to Matthew and wished him the best of luck in effort to prevent any further escalation.

Dangerous Predator: Matthew Berdyck
Matthew Berdyck

The Conversation Turned Dark Quick

Psychotic nutjob Matthew was not happy that Luis and THE ZEPHYRUS FOUNDATION was no longer going to help him. Especially after Matthew Berdyck published a fake news article on Daily Independent Journal.

So what does Matthew do next… Matthew sends a death threat to Luis Rodriguez stating he will kill his children. (See screenshot of conversation below)

Dangerous Predator: Matthew Berdyck sends death threats by text message.
Death Threats From Matthew Berdyck

Filed a Restraining Order

Luis Rodriguez has cut off all contact with the psychopath Matthew Berdyck from that point and has even filed for an Order of Protection (Restraining Order) in the State of Florida. However, since Matthew Berdyck is currently on the run from Service of Process for multiple Restraining Order’s nationwide. It could a while before the matter is resolved.

Help Us Bring This Head Case To Justice

The Lemon Report would like to ask that if anyone comes into contact or knows the whereabouts of Matthew Berdyck, to notify us and call 911.


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