Matthew Berdyck the sole operator and owner of both Daily Independent Journal and has released a new article on his Daily Independent Journal website to convince the public that his actions of harassing, stalking, torturing and victimizing the public is his 1st Amendment right, but claiming the media, government, and a secret group of individuals are conspiring against him.

That however is not the only agenda of Matthew Berdyck‘s most recent article. Matthew Berdyck likes to state he is a “self-proclaimed” environmental activist. Matthew Berdyck pretends he is defending the rights of the citizens in communities he alleges to have discovered toxic waste sites. However this is far from the truth. As mention in our previous article Matthew Berdyck‘s organization goes to the EPA’s Superfund National Priorities List website and looks up an already discovered site, simply travels to it, and claims he discovered it.


While pretending to save the world, Matthew Berdyck claims to endure excessive acts of harassment, violence, and stalking against him. He then of course claims how these acts against him do not phase him, and that this only confirms that he is actually making a difference. Matthew Berdyck states: “In fact, if I wasn’t a powerful activist, it would be virtually pointless to launch online aggression campaigns, because no one would ever read them.”

Matthew Berdyck claims to be working as an activist because he cares about the families in the communities he has pretended to help. We at The Lemon Report would like to ask our readers one question. Would someone who really cares about the health & safety in the communities he pretends to help want to also encourage his followers to smoke cigarettes a substance that is also linked to many diseases and health issues?

Photo of Matthew Berdyck walking away from an explosion with a cigarette still in his mouth

Matthew Berdyck while allegedly dealing with all of the “negative” push-back he gets from being a “pretend” environmental activist he likes to describe himself as total bad-ass. He showcase’s himself as being untouchable. He’ the type that will just walk away from an explosion with his back turned standing with 2 feet on the ground with his cigarette still in his mouth, cause he is.. well just plain bad-ass. Is this the kind of message we want to give to our communities? Is this the kind of message we want to give to the children? This type of message will only encourage communities and it’s children to start bad health habits such as smoking. We at The Lemon Report would like to ask the public to take a step back and really see Matthew Berdyck for the kind of person he truly is. A lying self-centered cyber criminal.

Health Risk

Smoking can lead to health complications. To learn more about why you should not start smoking or why you should quit if you do click here

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