Every year, we hear more and more stories about different scams and fraudulent practices that take advantage of the generosity of American’s, especially in times of dire need. We all can recall that phone message from a fundraiser asking us to give money to a charity whose name sounds familiar, but we’re not quite sure what the mission is, or the impact of the organization, or if the organization effectively uses its donations. These types of practice’s ruin it for the charities that are actually trying to make a difference in our communities.

There Will Always Be A Rouge Player

Unfortunately there will also way a charity, or non-profit group that is always looking to take advantage of it’s victims generosity.

One fraudulent organization that was based in Oregon called SuperfundResearch.org; a what use to be a sole-proprietorship solely owned and operated by Matthew Berdyck until the Oregon Secretary of State Administratively Dissolved the Entity (You can learn more about the dissolution by clicking here)

The Organization Makes Claims With No Evidence

SuperfundResearch.org; solely owned and operated by Matthew Berdyck, claims to be a Non-Profit LLC organization dedicated to exposing corruption and educating the public about EPA Superfund Sites located across the nation. The organization receives funds that it solicits from the general public through it’s owner Matthew Berdyck.

Matthew Berdyck will create social media campaigns with sob stories about how he is homeless and being targeted by the Illuminati for helping the nation by “discovering and exposing corruption” with these Superfund Sites that are actually already public record on US EPA Superfund website.

SuperfundResearch.org; claims it has generated and obtained the largest FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) records request in history, however SuperfundResearch.org does not release any of the records to the public for review.

Matthew Berdyck helps SuperfundResearch.org keep up it’s scam by going to the US EPA Superfund website and selecting an already discovered location, traveling to the location, and creating a film about the location.

Causing Trouble Everywhere He Goes

No matter what city or state Matthew Berdyck finds himself in trouble always seems to be around the corner. Matthew Berdyck will travel to a city to film a SuperfundResearch.org video and in the process start attacking the local government.

Matthew Berdyck will attend public meetings, locate key individuals and then just simply start harassing and threatening them out of nowhere. It’s always the same story. He will call or email the individuals, threaten to sue them, threaten to launch smear campaigns on social media, or even commit acts of violence with death threats.

Eventually Matthew Berdyck’s tactics escalate to him creating fake websites, or fake facebook accounts to pretend he has followers who support his campaign. This is very typical for Matthew Berdyck and these outcomes are expected to repeat in the same order every time.

Send Him Running

Eventually like all of Matthew Berdyck’s victims. Someone calls the police and files a restraining order against Matthew Berdyck. Once this occurs Matthew Berdyck packs up and runs into hiding where he can’t be found. Even though Matthew Berdyck goes into hiding he still continues to harass and threaten his victims through social media and email.

Matthew Berdyck is a danger to himself and everyone around him. If you happen to be unfortunate enough to come in contact with him RUN!!!. Run as fast as you can out of the area and call 911. You will be glad you did.

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