Matthew Berdyck Victims Hope Center powered by The Lemon Report is now open to provide a safe place in cyberspace for Matthew Berdyck Victims.

At Matthew Berdyck Victims Hope Center you will find support from other Matthew Berdyck victims just like you, where you can share your story, and learn the stories of Matthew Berdyck’s many victims from around the world.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us! Find peace. Find HOPE. Matthew Berdyck Victims Hope Center – Bringing hope and support since 2019.


  1. As one of Matthew Berdyck’s earlier. “victims”, I wanted to comment on this “Victims Hope Cennter”…
    I am from Hinkley, Ca., the town made famous by Erin Brockovich.. There are unresolved issues with our water supply. Because of the notoriety of the town and Matt’s lust for fame, Hinkley was the ‘holy grail’ f environmental issues in his eyes.
    Matt made the mistake of trying to interject himself into the very real life and death issues we face here. He singled me out because of my role as an activist. I became the focus of his lies and defamation as he tried to discredit my work so he could assume the role as saviour of the town.. I was subject to all the threats and attempts to intimidate that are Matt’s trademark.
    I responded to all of this in an unconventional manner, bur as it turns out, a very effective one. I stood up to him. I let him know he was not wanted or needed, and that he wasnt feared. I met his aggressiveness with my own. I did not ever assume the role of a “victim”.
    Matt soon left the area. He stopped bothering me and my friends and neighbors, and continues to do so. He left as quickly as he came.
    The reason Matthew Berdyck has succeeded at creating so many victims across the country is because so many people have assumed the role of being victims. If more people had simply stood up to him, he would not not have ever reached the level of cyber stalking terrorist he attained. Groups like this only feed his ego, and they only add to the problem.
    You all needd to stop playing the victim…

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