Lowe’s Cheats Customer After Purchase

Lowe’s Delivery Goes Wrong

Lowe’s Home Improvement customer orders a new LG Electronics USA ​refrigerator for their kitchen with next-day delivery, installation, and haul-away service (at an additional cost) for the old unit on On March 27, 2020. The following day March 28, 2020 during delivery Lowe’s Home Improvement destroys the customer’s front patio door, dumps new refrigerator in the dining room, and leaves without installing the new refrigerator or hauling away the old unit. The customer is forced to self-install and is injured in the process.

Attempting To Resolve The Matter

Customer Returns To Store

The customer and his family have contacted Lowe’s Home Improvement at the store where thier LG Electronics USA ​refrigerator was purchased about the issue. Lowe’s Home Improvement attempted to ignore the customer and dismiss the issue.

Customer Calls Delivery Team

After the customer’s issue was simply dismissed at the store level, the customer then proceeded to call the delievery center where the unit was shipped from. The customer explained what happened was told that someone was not avaliable to speak to at that very moment, and that a callback was required. Customer provided contact information and awaited call back.

Lowe’s Calls The Customer Back

After waiting a while Lowe’s Home Improvement calls the customer back, and the customer yet again has to explain the issue. Lowe’s Home Improvement offered only to pick up the old unit but did not offer a resolution to the other issues. Lowe’s Home Improvement scheduled a delivery team to arrive Monday March 30, 2020 as they stated they had no other delievery team slots avalable for the weekend. The customer accepted the date provided and him and a neighbor moved the old refrigerator unit to the outside patio to make it easier for the delivery team when they arrived for pickup.

Lowe’s Delivery Team From Hell Strikes Again

Lowe’s Unexpected Arrival

Lowe’s Home Improvement delievery team arrives at the customer’s house the next day March 29, 2020. This is unexpected and unannounced as the customer was previously told they would not be arriving until Monday morning March 30, 2020. Normally this would be great for a customer in this current situation, hoping to get at least a partical resolution a day early. However, this was not the case.

Lowe’s – Aggressive, Intimidating, And Demanding

The Lowe’s Home Improvement delievery team that arrived at the customer’s home was aggressive, intimidating, and demanding. The delievery team did more than a simple knock. The delievery team was poundng their fist on the door, gather then attention of neighbors, and yelling “We are not taking your fridge”. Then they left.

Customer Calls Back Lowe’s Delivery Team

Not Available To Speak

After another unpleasant and stressful experience with the Lowe’s delievery team the customer calls back delievery team center. The customer again explains the issues that happened the day before, and the new issues that happened on the current day. Once again the customer is told that a callback would be required because no one is avaliable to speak with. The customer provides contact information and awaits call back.

Lowe’s Calls The Customer Back.. Again.

The customer receives a callback from the Lowe’s a manager of the Lowe’s delievery team center. The customer is as yet again to explain the issue from beginning to end. After explaining the issue Lowe’s attempts to be dismissive about the issue, and argues back and forth with the customer. Eventually Lowe’s decides to offer to the customer another pickup attempt from the delievery team for the following day. The customer agrees to another pickup attempt.

Paying The Customer To Go Away Failed

After scheduling the pickup Lowe’s then offers the customer a $150 gift card to go away. The customer however declines the gift card and says “It’s like a slap in the face” to the delievery team manager. The customer knew by Lowe’s offering a $150 gift card for the matter that they are fully aware they have fault in this matter. We at The Lemon Report feel that Lowe’s is really low-balling this customer after all they have been through. A company the size of Lowe’s could afford to give the customer a proper resolution and make the situation right.

The Lowe’s delivery team manager told the customer he would speak to his supervisor’s to discuss what kind of resoltuon can be provided, and that he may hear back from them soon. The customer is currently waiting patiently to see if a proper resoltion will be provided. If not, the customer may seek legal assistance for the neglegence, harassment, and stress from the delievery team. This is a developing story. Stay tuned for updates as this story unfolds. #TLR #Lowes #Home #Improvement #LG #ER #COVID #Fail #Injured #Injury #Fraud

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