Matthew Berdyck – Judgment Day

Judgment Information Luis Rodriguez was awarded a judgment against Matthew Berdyck and issued a FINAL JUDGMENT OF INJUNCTION FOR PROTECTION AGAINST STALKING (Click Link In Red...

Scumbag: Matthew Berdyck Issues Public Notice Of Intent To File A Lawsuit

Scumbag Matthew Berdyck strike again. This time with an "Official" Public Notice Of Intent To File A Lawsuit (see Facebook post image below). Matthew Berdyck has made his intent...

Scumbag: Matthew Berdyck Threatens His Victim With A Frivolous Lawsuit

Daily Independent Journal is Fake; a facebook page ran by a victim of Matthew Berdyck that acts as an archive for all Daily Independent Journal content since it's sole...

Matthew Berdyck – You Been Served

Matthew Berdyck Gets Served Matthew Berdyck has been notorious with his claims of being untouchable while wreaking havoc everywhere he goes. His reign of terror has...
Dangerous Predator: Matthew Berdyck

Matthew Berdyck: Dangerous Predator On The Run

Dangerous Predator: Beware of Matthew Berdyck Matthew Berdyck the owner of Daily Independent Journal and SuperfundResearch.org is a famous but not so famous online psychopath...

Matthew Berdyck: The St. Joseph, MO Episode

Late July 2018, a person named Matthew Berdyck visited an IHOP when a domestic dispute broke out in the parking lot. Matt ran into the restaurant and demanded everyone...
Dangerous Predator: Matthew Berdyck

Scumbag: Matthew Berdyck Threatens To Sue Everyone For Christmas

Today at 12:15 PM (UTC), Matthew Berdyck stated that everyone is in his thoughts. It was quite a shock to us here at The Lemon Report to learn that...

Matthew Berdyck: Responds To The Lemon Report

Matthew Berdyck is back at it again with another video response. This time calling out (scumbagged.com, thelemonreport.com, creators.com, royalexaminer.com, and  webactivism.com) the News Organization's that report the truth about...

Matthew Berdyck: The Movie

No One Asked For It. No One Wanted It. Finally!! It has arrived!!! MATTHEW BERDYCK: THE MOVIE! Much better than Blame Reagan. MATTHEW BERDYCK: THE MOVIE a...

Cyber Threat – Matthew Berdyck: Twitter Account List

Matthew Berdyck founder of SuperfundResearch.org and Daily Independent Journal is known to attack his victims online. Eventually his victims block his Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts. Once Matthew Berdyck...

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